Orhan Kolukisa is an architect and a photographer. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University in 1997, he started his career as an architect. He received his master's degree from ITU Department of Industrial Design after completing his thesis on user interfaces and usability. Since 1999 he's been working and lecturing on architecture, design and graphical visualization.
Throughout his career he always kept architecture as the basic and comprehensive discipline while venturing on other forms of art and design.
As an architect and artist, his works mostly focus on built environment, nature and the tensions between them. He is the co-founder of Yercekim Architectural Photography. He currently lives in Istanbul.

- Photography: orhan.co


Omer Kanipak received his professional degree from Istanbul Technical University, department of Architecture in 1995. After taking his Master’s degree from MIT School of Architecture, History Theory and Criticism department, Omer Kanipak founded Arkitera Architecture Center in 2000 together with his partners. He held his position as one of the general director of the center until 2011. He participated in the foundation of one Design Atelier Kadikoy and worked as one of the coordinators until mid 2014.Currently he is a freelance architect in his own office Masa Architecture, working on urban and architectural research projects in various scales. He was also a visiting professor in Bahcesehir University and Yeni Yuzyil University until 2014. He is the co-founder of the Yercekim Architectural Photography and works as a professional photographer. Kanipak frequently writes on various national and international publications, acts as members of juries or consultants of national and international architectural awards including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Mies van der Rohe awards for architecture, European Public Spaces Prize and Pritzker Prize. He also provides professional consultancy on communication and business development strategies for related institutions and architectural offices.
- Photography: photography.omerkanipak.com / Essays: omerkanipak.com